Poker Strategy – Heads Up Play In Sit And Go Tournaments


While many glamorize heads-up no limit hold’em poker as the ultimate test of skill, the truth is that in a sit and go tournament, heads-up play is usually the simplest and most mathematical poker you can play. The reason for this is that the poker plays are pushing all-in or folding. Because of this reality of short stack poker, many of your opponents will make big mistakes, so you can still come out in the long run.

The Button or Small Blind

On the button in a standard head-up poker match you are first to act preflop and only have the blind blind In a short stack situation, it is actually something of a benefit to act first, and of course it is better to have the poker privilege of less money in the pot without looking at your cards. The correct play here is usually to push all-in most of the time, folding your worst poker hands. With any ace, any pair, and any two face cards, you should push in against all opponents With twelve big blinds you can add hands like king-medium and suitable connectors. With ten or less you should push And with eight big blinds Some may say this is not “real poker” Nowbet.

It seems like you are too risky, but the reality is that you will usually have a 35-40% chance to win when called even when pushing with a truly trashy hand, and it is the correct poker strategy You are not “risking your whole stack” when you push, but simply risking playing a pot as an underdog, which will only cost you one or two big blinds in expectation while you win 1.5 if you push and blinds win Naturally, if you know your opponent is a poor caller with bad poker hands, you might choose some of the worst hands when your stack is large, but do not take it too far. With many of these hands, you could show your card to your opponent and pushing.

The Big Blind

In the big blind you will be facing an all-in-push push from your opponent. Your decision to call should be based on what range of hands you are thinking, and like all poker strategy, the odds the pot is offering you to call Quite simply if you are getting 2 to 1 or better pot odds you should always call, and you should just call about getting 1.5 to 1 or better. There are just few very hands that have a poker situation where you are not going to win at least 30-40% of the time. Above 1.5 to 1 pot odds or so it depends on your opponents poker hand range. For example if an opponent pushes 10 big blinds into you, you will get 11 to 9 on your call, meaning you need to win 45% of the time to profit. At this level of pot odds a good default range to call with any ace, king ten or better, queen jack suited, and any pair. But if your opponent is a very aggressive poker player, pushing almost every hand, you can add more marginal calling hands. And if your opponent is the type of limp preflop unless he picks up a monster, you should of course be folding without a big pair or ace yourself

Against Players that Limp on the Button

Many players will get in on the button This is usually bad poker strategy, but you still need to react correctly Generally you should respond by pushing Push a range similar to what you will push in the situation. Usually an opponent will limp with slightly better than average poker hands, but this is offset by the fact that there are more money in the pot as they have added another half a bet. With trash hands, check and take a flop One common poker mistake is too many flops in this situation when they miss The type of player to limp on the button is usually not very aggressive, and you can steal a lot of pots with small bets. A good poker strategy is to make a minimum bet (half the pot here) every time you hit the flop, plus about half the flops that you miss. This bluff does not cost much, but against most opponents who will automatically flop, can be very effective.

Most sit and go strategically is a simple guide like this one will only provide the fundamentals, but for heads up play with small stacks, almost everything you need to know is right here Remember, the most common mistake made is folding too much, followed by limping on the button. Your opponents may seem to be the best of luck in the all-in-showdowns, but play aggressive poker and you will win more than you will end in the end.

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