Product Funnel Creation – Latest 4 Interesting Secrets to Accelerate Your Product Funnel Creation


Do you want to speed up the process of creating your very own product funnel? Then, this one’s for you so read on!

1. Products. You must have already created series of products that will fill each level of your funnel. You must have a low-level product that is extremely inexpensive. This is the first product that you’ll offer to your prospective buyers. As you know, first-time buyers are most unlikely to shell out hundreds of dollars so it’s better if your low-end products cost no more than $30. You also have middle-end and high-end products that you can offer to returning customers.

2. Advertising campaign. This is one recipe of product funnel creation that you shouldn’t ignore to generate leads for your products. Promote product awareness by using Pay per Click advertising, search engine marketing, article marketing, video marketing, and by hosting free teleseminars.

3. Convert prospective clients to buyers. Move your prospects to the first level of your funnel by getting them to buy your initial offerings (low-end product). Since your clients don’t have previous experience doing business with you clickfunnels pricing comparison, they can get skeptical. So, back up your low-end products with 100% money back guarantee to remove the risk with their purchase.

4. Make your customers happy. This is the key to succeed in product funnel. You need to make sure that your buying customers are extremely satisfied each time they make a purchase otherwise, they will not have valid reason to do business with you again. Offer them great value for their money and offer excellent customer service.

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